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                      Honors: Our company was awarded the "Honest Enterprise","Civilization Enterprise","Enterprise of Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Promises",'30 Excellent Corporation" and "Advanced Unit " by Shengzhou city party committee and goverment.In 2001,our company got through the  ISO9000: 2001 quality certification,and been the recommended enterprises by United States as the Asian Trade Corporation committee and also been the Production recommended enterprises by EU.In 2011, we were awarded the 30 excellent Shengzhou city growth enterprise.We got the "A Enterprise of Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Promises"by Shengzhou city in 2008.Then in 2011,our company were awarded the"Advanced unit of Production Safety","the Charity award",Shaoxing Foreign Trade Honest Enterprise,best of winner in skill competition and interal security qualified unit.




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