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                Quality policy:  Though the advanced  equipment ,scientific management,well-trained staff,provide you our best products and services.


                Quality objectives:   achieve a passing rate of more than 99%;products on-line delivery rate of 100%;customer complaint rate of less than 0.5%.


                Vision:Transcend ourselves;to build a would-famous knitting garment production base.


                Mission: create wealth, a successful career,  benefit the employees, dedication to society.

                Core values​​:    responsibility, honesty, harmony, innovation

                Responsibility: the bigger and stronger of Langpu, the way of  management which abided by. 

                Honesty:  the soul of the survival and development of Langpu, the eteral theme of enterprise's existence. 

                Harmony: the way to collect the staff, the everlasting link to unite the employees.  

                Innovation: the business philosophy of Langpu, the sustainable power of the enterprise's development.

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